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A selection of other eclectic stock items
Mahogany loungeFrom left to right:
PNG bird mask  $250
Large PNG Kanganaman Village dance mask  $795
Asmat ancestor figure $650
Smaller Sepik dancing mask $695

Radial diningTaxidermied impala head $1200
bentwood armchairsLarge taxidermy deer head $1750
module reclinersPNG Storyboard $250
fler 64 sideboardCentral African Songye village power figure, beaten copper, carved wood, leopard skin, antelope horn $3500
teak armchairLarge PNG "orator's stool" figure, collected in the late 50s/ early 60s. $5000
Small Asmat figure $195
biomorphic phone tableTaxidermied possum $495
Grant featherston chaiseStuffed duck $450

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